Take a journey through time and visit Morocco. The Golden Age of Islam in the Maghreb flourished and influenced its neighbors in Islamic Spain to the North. A region where cultures and faiths came together to coexist peacefully and laid the foundations for a civilization that flourished for centuries.

Our Islamic Heritage Tour takes you through a fascinating journey into a country that has served as a portal between Europe and Africa ever since the Umayyad Caliphate conquered the region in the 7th Century.

Experience an unforgettable travel experience by immersion in Moorish History, spirituality, and culture. From tours to remote Berber Villages traditional souks and marabout, Imperial Cities old Zaouias and Medersas, mystical encounters in the Sahara Desert Treks, Atlas Mountain hiking, arts and crafts to explore plus Culinary Tours. We show our travelers the hidden treasures of Morocco in-depth cultural heritage.

Discover the contribution made by this major center of the Islamic civilization in the fields of poetry, art, crafts, architecture, science, agriculture, engineering and textiles.

The full itinerary will include a guided tour of Marrakech and the various Islamic sites within the Medina. The tour will then move on to the Atlas Mountains and the ancient city of Fez where you’ll be guided around the various Islamic sites. There will also be a visit to the city of Casablanca where you’ll have the opportunity to visit the hugely impressive modern marvel of Islamic construction, the Hassan II Mosque.