About Us

The Al Morocco Tours began as a small family affair when my wife and I came back from a fabulous trip to Morocco and were expecting our first baby. Having lived in Morocco myself for 30 years and organized guided tours and trips in Morocco for travelers from all around the world, I was able to organize a dream like honeymoon for my wife and I during our trip. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we wanted to share that happiness with all of our friends when we came back to the US. And being a marketing and promotions expert, my wife encouraged me to start this business and share our rich culture with more than just our close friends. We wanted to create a business that focuses on community involvement and customer service that goes above and beyond what can be found at the big agencies, by treating each and every one of our customers as part of our extended family and doing everything we can to make sure that all of your travel experiences in Morocco are happy ones like ours was.


Whether your goal is to get lost in an indulgent escape in the golden dunes of the Sahara desert, embark in a fun surfing experience along the coasts of Morocco or better yet experience skiing in Africa’s highest ski resort in the High Atlas Mountains, contacting us is the beginning of a marvelous Moroccan adventure that will impact your life forever. We promise you the best tours and trip at a price you can afford.